A Barbarian Dragonborn Male.


Arkonis stands out with a height of 7’5", with with black metallic scales, which turn into a metallic silver in the summer and a dull black in the winter, his eyes are a deep shade of red. He has a strange affinity with fire, causing his eyes to become a fiery red and the edges of his scales to glow a molten red whenever he battles. He sports many hornlike scales, that resemble thick, ropy hair, on his head and a few on his chin, that are decorated with beads or rings. His “hair” is thick and reaches just past his shoulders and his “beard” reaches his chest.

out of battle he calm, stoic, generous, throws in a few jokes, and has quite the father figure, his voice is calm, with a low timbre. But when faced with cowardice, or someone he dislikes, his voice becomes venomous with a low growl, he becomes brash, making comments with implications of an insult or a threat, sometimes gripping his waraxe with a killing intent.

His large size would often be mistaken for pure strength, but to the surprise of many, it is not so, Arkonis is as agile as he strong, such a combination has made many dread the thought of ever fighting him. His disregard for his own life when in the heat of battle has made him even more fearsome, he does not notice the blades or the arrows that stick to his body, nor does he pay any mind to the broken bones he suffers during battle. As every dragonborn he respects his foes and is extremely loyal to his companions, he spend much of his time honing his skills, writing in his book, sharping his waraxes, smithing, crafting and even mining if it was available.

Arkonis has a reputation of being a wild child, at times he is generous and compassionate, and at times he kills without remorse, expressing evil intents through his actions. Arkonis grew up in one of the freed dragonborn tribes, he was born from a different set of eggs, the egg he grew from was slightly larger that others with a black bottom that faded into the white top, and on that top was patterned with blood red spots that resembled a symbol.

At the ages of three he and his brothers started to learn what every other dragonborn had to, how to fight, hunt, and craft. they all learned quickly, in 4 years they had learnt and mastered everything there was to learn, as opposed to the normal 12 years. For 8 years he had honed his skills, and discovered many things, his affinity for fire, his love of crafting and smithing, and his desire to adventure. At the age of 15, he had fully grown to his height, and left his tribe to quench his thirst for adventure and travel.

for the next 15 years, he knowledge of adventure increased dramatically, his experience shaped his personality and views, he has seen war, snow, mountains, plains, woodland, deserts, caverns, ruins and dungeons of all sorts, and continues to desire more, until there is nothing else to explore. One of his favourite moments was during his long visit to the frosthide dwarves, learning their craft and drinking their ale, in his mind dwarves were one of his favourite companions. Arkonis wears a necklace, on the necklace are 3 teeth, each tooth represents each dragon he personally killed, he wears it out of utmost respect for the strength of dragons. He also found a fondness for music, for it gave him comfort, he found this fondness through a previous companion who was a bard, now, when has the time, he hums or sings in a low voice for comfort and peace.

A turning point in his life was when he found the remains of Arkhosia, while searching through it he found something he didn’t expect. It was the appearance of a shard of Io, which seems strangely attached to him. Arkonis had always wanted to stop the war between the followers of Tiamat and the followers of Bahamut, and with the guidance of the shard of Io, he made the decision to do so. Arkonis travels to learn what knowledge there is about gods, but he doesn not know weither to reunite the two gods, or slay them both and gain their power and become Io himself.

These days, he and his sister Izera have join the company of a ranger, a swordmage, a druid and a rogue.


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